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Demand for box-type substations could exceed $3 billion
Edit: Time: 2016-08-02 14:43:46

Box substation is also called preinstalled substation or preinstalled substation.

Change is a kind of high voltage switch equipment, power distribution box transformer and low voltage power distribution equipment, according to the wiring scheme must be arranged in one of the factory distribution equipment, indoor, outdoor compact type is, step-down transformer, low voltage power distribution and other functions organically combined together, installed in a moisture, rust, dust, rat, fire prevention, guard against theft, thermal insulation, fully enclosed, movable steel structure, especially suitable for city network construction and retrofit, is the civil substation after the rise of a new substation.

Box-type substation is suitable for mines, factories and enterprises, oil and gas fields and wind power stations. It replaces the original civil power distribution houses and power stations and becomes a new complete set of transformer and distribution device.

The rapid growth of power demand in developing countries and the modernization and upgrading of existing power infrastructure are the main reasons for the stable growth of box-type substations in this region.

At the same time, increased investment in renewable energy generation by south Asian countries to meet the growing demand for electricity will further boost the demand for box-type substations in the asia-pacific region.

According to the voltage level, the box substation with the demand below 36 kv is the largest and fastest growing market segment, which is due to the high demand in the small industrial and residential sectors, especially in southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

In terms of market size, east Asia will be the region with the largest demand, while southeast Asia, especially asean countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia, will be the region with the fastest growth.

From the perspective of suppliers, ABB, schneider electric, Siemens, general electric and eton group are the world's largest suppliers of box-type substations.

At the same time, local companies in the asia-pacific region, such as India's C&S electric company, CromptonGreaves India company, China's Qingdao trude electric and Japan's Toshiba will also be strong competitors in this market.

1. Intelligent electrical equipment is the foundation of smart grid construction

(1) intelligent equipment is a network information system that effectively connects machine, human, control system and information system. It must have the ability of perception, cognition and action.

(2) intelligent equipment is the comprehensive depth perception of industrial data. It has faster cognitive ability for dynamic transmission and advanced modeling analysis, so as to form intelligent decision-making and control and drive the comprehensive intelligent development of intelligent equipment manufacturing industry.

(3), intelligent manufacturing core ideas, to "lean concept, intelligent manufacturing system, Internet integration, intelligent equipment" for a full range of integrated, and from the "data acquisition and processing", "man - machine, the machine - machine communication", "from the data and information to decision-making", "to predict type intelligent manufacturing" implemented in four dimensions

2. Smart grid concept

Smart grid is the intelligence of power grid;

Is based on high-speed communication networks, through the use of advanced sensor and measuring technology of the electrical equipment on the terminal node collected all kinds of information, namely the running state of the grid line section, reflect to the monitor screen of a computer, and then use computer technology to the network running status of the remote control, realize the power grid safe and reliable, efficient and economic operation.

In the network structure of a power network, the cables of a power supply line carry power to the client, and the circuit is formed between the line structure (line pipe) and the electrical equipment.

Each circuit is called the endpoint of the network link or the node in the network (the common joint point of two or more links), which can change the structure at any time in the operation of the network system.

If the change is made by using artificial intelligence technology, the network is called intelligent network.

The management of power network on computers is the management of control nodes. The more control nodes there are in the network, the more information needs to be processed.

No matter manual management or computer management of power network is inseparable from the network structure.

In the manual management only need to have the line diagram, but the computer management must also have the network diagram with the direction.