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[distribution transformer, box-type substation] in 2018, state grid corporation of China won the bidding statistics for the second batch of distribution network material agreement inventory
[distribution transformer, box-type substation] in 2018, state grid corporation of China won the bidding statistics for the second batch of distribution network material agreement inventory

2018-07-26 00:00:00

preface In 2018, the state grid company supplies the second batch of distribution network inventory and bidding agreement mainly includes distribution transformer, box-type substation, column on the transformer station complete sets of equipment, high voltage switchgear, ring network cabinet, load switch, column, ring cages on the circuit breaker, disconnecting switch, cable branch box, high voltage fuse, ac lightning arrester, 14 class equipment such as power distribution fault indicator and distribution terminal type. This official account will be released in succession each batch each product category bidding statistics analysis, please continue to pay attention to.   Distribution transformer...

  • Good policy high and low voltage complete sets of distribution cabinet market prospects

    2018-06-15 00:00:00

     One of the main applications of high and low voltage complete sets of distribution cabinets is to control and protect the power system. Therefore, the power industry is the direct consumption industry of complete sets of distribution cabinets. The investment and development of the power industry directly affect the market demand of complete sets of distribution cabinets. In recent years, the Chinese government has increased its investment in technical transformation of power grids, especially in smart grid, power transmission from west to east, national network, agricultural network transformation and urban network transformation involved in urbanization development, which has played a positive role in promoting the manufacturing of complete sets of power distribution cabinets. In addition, with the acceleration of China's industrialization process, will also promote...

  • In the community why did not see buried box type substation

    2016-12-12 14:39:01

     According to the different structure and the different components, the box-type substation can be divided into two typical styles: European box-type transformer and American box-type transformer. From the structure of high and low voltage switch cabinet, transformer composition, this type of box substation is called European box transformer. Metaphor for high and low voltage switchgear, transformer built a house. In the structure of the load switch, ring network switch and fuse structure simplified into the transformer tank immersed in oil, lightning arrester also USES oil-immersed zinc oxide arrester, transformer remove the oil cushion, oil tank and radiator exposed to the air, this type of box substation is called the American box transformer. It's like hanging a box next to a transformer. ...

  • Consideration on the selection and use of buried box substation

    2016-12-12 14:39:00

     In recent years, a new type of pre-loaded box-type substation, buried box-type substation are springing up in some places, in the residential area, park plaza, city street light engineering, etc, it can be seen from time to time, to change, as the name implies, transformer installed under the ground, the ground part is high and low voltage power distribution equipment, up and down through the vertical arrangement, and its installation area greatly reduced, and through the shape optimization design, the part to make landscape decoration or light box advertising, indeed to beautify the ornament and decoration role in the surrounding environment, unlike other box-type substation, installed very not coordinated with the environment. As a result of...

  • Damage to millions of box-type substations has led to a spate of "knockoffs" of old assembly parts

    2016-10-24 08:48:20

     "Do you have any objection to the allegations that you are suspected of producing and selling fake and inferior products? "No." "Neither do I." On the morning of October 20, the criminal division of xuzhou economic and technological development zone court held a public trial of an illegal case involving the production and sale of fake and inferior box-type substations. Finally, the defendant did not object to the relevant charges of the prosecutor of the procuratorial organ, and expressed his willingness to plead guilty. Prosecutors believe that although yiyang company has the production qualification of box change, the equipment it assembles and produces is not the production, technology and...



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