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Analysis of market prospect of complete sets of high and low voltage electrical equipment
Edit: Time: 2016-06-18 10:46:33

With the investment in new energy industry, high-tech industry, advanced equipment manufacturing industry and real estate development accelerated significantly, the demand for industrial power distribution automation and intelligent power distribution for civil use increased, and the market prospect of complete sets of high and low voltage electrical equipment is broad.

Shangpu consulting industry analysts pointed out that: in recent years, high and low voltage electrical equipment sets are widely used in modern industrial enterprises, new energy development and real estate construction and other fields of power supporting, product production and sales trend is good.

With the continuous growth of investment projects in power grid construction and the increasing demand for railway electrification and urban rail transit construction, the industry will usher in a broader market.

China's high and low voltage electrical products are mainly sold in the domestic market.

At present, the products of high and low voltage electrical equipment manufacturers are mostly purchased by low-voltage complete sets of equipment manufacturers, and then assembled into low-voltage distribution screen, power distribution box, protection screen, control screen and other low-voltage into the device and then sold to users, is for power generation equipment, distribution equipment, electrical transmission automatic control equipment and other supporting products.

Private enterprises play a major role in the production of high-voltage and low-voltage electrical appliances in China, with the annual output value and sales revenue accounting for more than 60% of the industry, and the annual output value and sales revenue of foreign-funded enterprises accounting for about 30% of the industry.

Relevant national policies will promote the development of complete sets of high and low voltage electrical equipment.

At present, China is deepening institutional reform, strengthening power grid construction, vigorously developing hydropower, optimizing the development of coal power, actively developing nuclear power, appropriately developing natural gas power generation, accelerating the development of new energy, paying attention to ecological and environmental protection, and improving energy efficiency.

Therefore, the high-voltage switch industry of complete sets of high-voltage and low-voltage equipment should take the opportunity of the comprehensive construction of a strong smart power grid, rely on the uhv ac and dc transmission projects, enhance the ability of independent innovation, vigorously enhance the intelligent level of switch equipment, and promote environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction equipment.

Uhv transmission technology and advanced electrical equipment and integration technology should be the key areas of development.

The market analysis and investment value research report of complete sets of high and low voltage electrical equipment in China from 2010 to 2013 released by suntech consulting shows that in the face of a good market prospect, relevant enterprises should actively carry out the research and development of switches for special occasions, special switching equipment and renewable energy power generation (such as wind power).

Efforts to carry out forward-looking, directional technology and equipment research and development, in-depth research system research and complete sets of equipment in the key technical issues.