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High and low voltage distribution cabinet master the operation mode
Edit: Time: 2016-06-21 09:31:49

Master the operation mode of high and low voltage distribution cabinet:

What is the high and low voltage distribution cabinet?

High and low voltage power distribution ark just as its name implies is the high voltage power distribution cabinets, low-voltage switchgear and as well as the connecting cable distribution equipment, power supply bureau, substation are commonly with high voltage distribution cabinet, and then by the step-down transformer to the low voltage switchgear, low voltage switchgear in the various power panel, control box, switch box, there is some switch, circuit breaker, fuse, button, indicator lights, instrument, electrical, such as distribution equipment integrated protection device.

Its safety technical operation procedures are as follows:

1, in all and part of the live disk work, maintenance equipment and operating equipment should be separated with obvious signs.

2. The following safety measures shall be taken during the operation of the secondary circuit of the voltage transformer:

Strictly prevent short circuit or grounding

(2) should use insulation tools, wear insulation gloves, when necessary before the work of the relevant relay protection device.

(3) connect temporary load, must be equipped with a special switch and fuse.

(4) the secondary circuit power test, in order to prevent from the secondary side to a reverse voltage change, in addition to the secondary circuit open, but also should take the next fuse.

(5) before the secondary circuit is energized or voltage withstand test, the watchman and relevant personnel should be informed, and send someone to watch the scene, check the circuit, confirm that no one can work before pressure.

6) check the power failure protection and secondary circuit of the staff, without the permission of the watchman, not allowed to do any switching operation.

3. The following safety measures shall be taken when the transformer operates on the secondary circuit:

It is strictly prohibited to disconnect the current loop.

(2) in order to reliably short-circuit the secondary coil of the ct, short-circuit sheet and short circuit must be used. Winding of the conductor is prohibited.

(3) do not do any work on the circuit and wire between the ct and the short-circuit terminal.

4. The secondary windings of current transformer and voltage transformer shall be permanently and reliably protected and grounded.