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Domestic high and low voltage complete sets of electrical technology to seek a breakthrough
Edit: Time: 2015-07-22 10:42:58

Since the reform and opening up, China's electrical equipment industry has entered a new period of historical development in the context of the rapid development of the national economy through the introduction, digestion and innovation of advanced management experience and technology of foreign developed countries.

China's power equipment and power production industry has developed rapidly.

Each year, new installed power generation capacity grows by more than 8%, and it is expected to reach 800 million kW of installed capacity by 2020.

But according to the per capita share of electricity, China is far behind the developed countries.

Due to the large development space of related industries, there is a huge market demand for high and low voltage complete sets of electrical equipment.

The huge market demand has also brought about fierce competition from domestic and foreign manufacturers. Only domestic high-low voltage complete sets of electrical equipment manufacturers have reached thousands.

Market demand promotes the progress and development of technology. With the progress of society and the development of economy and science and technology, higher and newer requirements are put forward for the power system.

Especially for the control power system of the main equipment - high and low voltage complete set of electrical equipment safety and reliability, automation and other aspects of the higher requirements.

The technology of high and low voltage electrical appliances has made great progress in product design, manufacturing process, management and production process.

In the aspect of high voltage electrical appliances, SF6 technology, vacuum technology, combination technology and other technologies have been applied in the product structure, and basically realized "oil-free".

In the process, shell production line, vacuum epoxy pouring and injection molding equipment, machining center, welding robot, numerical control and plastic coating equipment for cabinet processing have been introduced.

At present, domestic equipment of 500kV and below voltage level has been able to meet domestic needs, and its technical parameters have approached or reached the advanced level abroad.

The application of computer technology and product structure in the low voltage electrical appliance industry precedes the high voltage industry.

Intelligent and networked products have been realized, and intelligent low-voltage circuit breaker, motor controller, overload relay, switch cabinet and other products have been introduced.

In addition, domestic low-voltage electrical appliances have made gratifying achievements in reliability research, contactless switch, vacuum technology, current limiting technology, zero-arc, high performance and miniaturization, combination, modularization and so on.

China's high pressure switchgear has developed to metal seal type (including armor, spacing and box type), low pressure is to close the extraction unit.

All kinds of high voltage hand truck type, central type, ring net cabinet, f-c cabinet, box transformer and low voltage drawer cabinet, motor control center and other products have been a large number of market.

Many enterprises in China's electrical industry have begun to use CAD, CAPP, CAM, CAE, MIS and other advanced technologies, some of the key enterprises have CIMS technology.

It is worth mentioning that until the end of the 20th century, the whole electrical scientific theory has not reached the stage of maturity and perfection, no matter at home or abroad.

Apart from some sporadic empirical formulas on heating, electrodynamic force, electrical contact, electromagnetic characteristics and other aspects, the design of electrical products is, in the final analysis, only a method of analogy optimization and experiment.

According to electric tiger statistics, in 2012, the high-voltage and low-voltage complete sets of equipment industry showed negative growth, with a year-on-year decline of about 1.5%. The main reason is the lack of market demand, especially after the high-voltage and low-voltage complete sets of equipment suffered from international anti-dumping, the export sales showed a downward trend.

In 2012, the import and export volume of high-voltage and low-voltage complete sets of equipment both declined: the export volume was 2.4641 million tons, with the export earning of 4.516 billion us dollars, down 4.8% and 2.4% year-on-year respectively.

The import volume of complete sets of high and low voltage equipment was 252,400 tons, with the import amount of 2.892 billion us dollars, down 4.7% and 2.2% year on year, respectively.

Therefore, I think that there is a fundamental problem in the development of high and low voltage complete sets of equipment, that is, the growth model has defects.

As the existing economic growth model has become more and more flawed, competition for productive capital and means of production has intensified, resource waste, environmental damage, income inequality between the rich and poor, and the flood of low-end products have become a series of practical problems.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to transform extensive growth mode into intensive or refined growth mode.

The transformation and development mode of high and low voltage complete sets of equipment is urgent. The transformation and development mode is the main line of the future development of high and low voltage complete sets of equipment.

At present, problems existing in the economic system of high-voltage and low-voltage complete sets of equipment have caused the shortage of human capital and the overflow of low-grade product liquidity.

Ecological problems are even more difficult than social problems. At present, there are a large number of haze days in large and medium-sized cities. It is hard to see how much PM2.5 is due to the high and low pressure equipment.

The extensive growth mode of high and low voltage complete sets of equipment mainly depends on the increase of resource input to achieve growth.

In the past 30 years, high-voltage and low-voltage complete sets of equipment have achieved rapid development relying on the market economic system. However, due to the abnormal development of high-voltage and low-voltage complete sets of equipment and the serious deterioration of economic structure, despite years of adjustment and transformation, the production-oriented development model has not been changed.

After the reform and opening up in the 1980s and 1990s, due to the continuous pursuit of high economic growth, China followed the example of Japan and other southeast Asian countries to implement the export-oriented strategy and use export demand to make up for the shortage of domestic demand, which played a very positive role in China's economic development for a long time.

But no policy that has worked positively can be effective forever.

With the passage of time, the negative effect of relying on policies to support export expansion has gradually increased, and various negative consequences have been highlighted.

Due to export product added value and profitability is too low, high and low voltage complete sets of equipment export enterprises can only be "quantity", increase the export amount to sustain development, thus appeared the situation, China consumes a lot of non-renewable resources, under the environment pollution, burdened by "dumping" reputation, but not in their own hands the lion's share of the profits.

Intensive or refined growth means that technological progress and improvement of management efficiency play a leading role in the whole growth, and the result is the increase of added value and profit.

Because if you're relying on investment, you're increasing output, but you're also increasing costs, and that's not sustainable.

The current problem is that there are considerable deficiencies in the entrepreneurial environment and the government's management of technology education.

As long as we can build up the institutional and policy environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship through reform, we will be able to significantly improve the technical level and added value of complete sets of high-voltage and low-voltage equipment in a relatively short period of time.

At present, the advanced high and low voltage complete sets of equipment in the world are facing technological breakthroughs of large or small size. It is entirely possible for the complete sets of equipment to seize this great opportunity, give play to their advantages and develop some fist products with international competitiveness.

In the case of no major fluctuations in domestic and foreign macro economy, the production and sales growth rate of China's high-voltage and low-voltage complete equipment in 2013 will bid farewell to the negative growth rate in 2012, and the low-speed growth rate will become the normal, with the production and sales growth rate maintained between 3% and 6%.

The author thinks that in 2013 and even in the next 3-5 years, enterprises of complete sets of high and low voltage equipment should focus on "superior forces" and focus on "three major battles" :

First, play a good market development defense.

Enterprises of complete sets of high and low voltage equipment in China should focus on the international and domestic markets, fully mobilize the international and domestic resources, do everything possible to expand the market, and seize more market share.

In the domestic market so that the products do not have I, I have the best people, for the development of enterprises continue to provide new economic growth points.

We will energetically expand overseas markets, make steady progress when we have the conditions and ability, actively "go global" and vigorously expand the international market.

Second, we will fight an uphill battle to improve our capacity for independent innovation.

The key is to strengthen the construction of ability of high and low voltage complete sets of equipment of enterprises should follow international and industry development trend, increasing investment for independent technological innovation ability to ascend, covering the whole process of product development, including design, testing instruments and processing equipment and testing equipment, in the industry leading level, the increased investment in technology innovation of the method at the same time, to strengthen the management of intellectual property rights.

Third, we will continue to fight a protracted battle to improve management.

To achieve sustainable development, enterprises cannot achieve sustainable development without management support.

Brand to become stronger and bigger, no management basis, like castles in the air.

Only by reducing the cost of "cost project", improving the efficiency of "lean production management project", promoting "quality project" and manufacturing "quality product" can we have vitality and competitiveness in the international and domestic market.